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Have always treated me well with good prices and friendly service.
Craig Howard
Craig H.
18:11 22 Jan 22
The team went above and beyond to facilitate tires and repairs to my rig... friendly staff,good service,and very professional
Barry Kendrick
Barry K.
22:35 18 Jan 22
The staff was very attentive, and they completed the tire repair in time and relatively inexpensively.
George Tobin
George T.
16:55 15 Jan 22
I’m very grateful for the staff at Rice Tire. I came to the shop quite late in the day, but they graciously got me in for my inspection and changed two tires in no time. If you have automotive needs, I would definitely recommend Rice Tire for service! Thanks guys!
nicole fulton
nicole F.
03:58 15 Jan 22
I brought a small tractor tire in with a bad inner tube which they replaced. They did this while I waited, and wouldn't charge me for the work. I was amazed that in this day and times, at their professionalism, promptness and kindness to a total stranger. Outstanding work, will use again.
Tim Healy
Tim H.
18:44 14 Jan 22
JR fixed me right up. New upper and lower ball joints, front end alignment and 6× 22.5 traction tires. Great place!New problem! Needed tires for my motorcycle trailer. Again JR fixed me up. 4 new tires in a matter of 3 hours The next day, which is good for 15 inch wheels. Look awesome. Rice tire will always get my business place for all my tire needs.
Doug Shillingburg
Doug S.
00:11 14 Jan 22
Great service and reasonable price. Took me in last minute and took care of my truck
Aman Singh
Aman S.
23:13 13 Jan 22
The staff worked quickly and efficiently to install my tires. Fantastic staff in all areas of operation.
Matt P
Matt P
22:19 13 Jan 22
I recently bought two sets of tires, an oil change on one car, and suspension work completed on another car. I was happy to do business with Rice Tires in Harrisonburg and was very satisfied with their services all around. Highly recommend Ryan and his team for their tire guidance and mechanic services.
Abby Striebig
Abby S.
21:03 13 Jan 22
As usual great service. I’ve replaced tires on 4 different vehicles and on my Kubota tractor. Would highly recommend.
Fred Uccellini
Fred U.
20:25 13 Jan 22
super helpful, quick, and reasonable
Lance Boyd
Lance B.
20:11 13 Jan 22
Incredibly kind group of people who accommodated me quickly without an appointment.
Leah McElhaney
Leah M.
19:57 13 Jan 22
They were very accommodating and pleasant to deal with. I noticed that I had a completely flat tire after I dropped my toddler to school. I had a limited time to get it fixed before picking my baby up and I'm happy that I made it to Rice tire (I hadn't been there before). They were able to squeeze me into their busy schedule and I really appreciate it. The gentleman at the front was very calm and nice. Thank you all for what you did for me.
Dee Allen
Dee A.
19:27 13 Jan 22
Excellent, fast, and honest service! Will definitely come back for any tire-related issues.
Richard Elliott
Richard E.
19:00 13 Jan 22
Jerry Lynch
Jerry L.
18:49 13 Jan 22
Staff was great. Easy to Make the appointment. Repair was made as agreed. Price was competitive and reasonable. Won’t hesitate to use them again.
Bud M
Bud M
00:23 13 Jan 22
Excellent experience in replacing battery on my Volvo. They fit me in on short notice and replaced the battery while I waited.
13:01 12 Jan 22
Thank you Rice tire for helping me out replacing my two front tires. I am a OTR truck driver for FedEx who had to leave and got a flat on my way home and so I drove back up on a spare and had to leave soon after I got up to Hagerstown. I dropped it off and they took care of the rest. I appreciated being able to come back after being on road all week and being able to drive my 4 hours home safely with the great tires they recommended and installed! Thank you so much.I just had before photo. If I can I’ll add the after. But they are great looking,handling, and feeling tires.
Jason Perkins
Jason P.
21:15 11 Jan 22
Great service great customer service.
Knut Lukoschek
Knut L.
20:35 11 Jan 22
Needed a tire patch. Walked in and out in 45 minutes with no appointment.Needed to go back a couple days later because the tire wasn't balanced. They took care of it in 30 minutes.
Jim Piateski
Jim P.
20:32 11 Jan 22
I needed service for my tractor and the guys at rice tire did a great job.
Edward Campbell
Edward C.
20:31 11 Jan 22
Stopped in for a state inspection. They were able to squeeze me in and get me inspected and on my way without killing my whole day! I’ll be back!
Sean Deinert
Sean D.
20:13 11 Jan 22
I had bad tire while on a mini retreat. I called Rice tire they were helpful and took care of it in a short time and quickly. They gave good recommendations too.
Norica Vernon
Norica V.
19:59 11 Jan 22
I can’t remember her name, but the nice lady that works in the front was so helpful. The first time I came, she came out and looked at my tire. She told me everything I needed to do. She told me where I could find the specific tire I was looking for and how to fit it in my car to get it to the shop. The day I came back to actually get my new tire, she told me a price and everything over the phone. The guys in there were quick and got me back on the road in about 45 minutes on a busy day.
kendall Smith
kendall S.
19:58 11 Jan 22
Amazing service! Very thankful for them for fixing my tire and giving friendly service l!
larissa morgan
larissa M.
19:57 11 Jan 22
These folks are very down to earth, not out to soak the little guy. I so appreciate their honestly and willingness to work with me to get things done!
Beth Lucas
Beth L.
19:55 11 Jan 22
I was glad to find a friendly and reasonable location in my area. The staff was receptive, helpful and efficient.I didn’t have a long wait either and the job was done well. It was my pleasure; so until the next visit guys. I would recommend you to all my friends and co-workers.Thanks 😊
theresa adams
theresa A.
18:56 11 Jan 22
I was recommended to these guys and they did an awesome job. Great service with knowledgeable technicians. They will give you a good price for the quality of their work.
Donald Fisher
Donald F.
18:50 11 Jan 22
Always great service and fair prices.
Bill Moran
Bill M.
17:43 29 Dec 21
Can’t thank the team over at Rice tire enough for their work. Friendly staff, fast turnaround, and honest and fair pricing. Even though they are over a half hour away from where I live they’ve given me reason so far to be a lifetime customer
Kurt Strittmatter
Kurt S.
13:12 23 Dec 21
These people are great. I didn't see one grumpy moe foe in the place. Super fast tire repair.
Kevin Grand Pre
Kevin Grand P.
13:12 22 Dec 21
Always have a good experience here when my pickup truck needs repairs. Good, honest, and helpful folks there.
Beau Ouimette (Aquachigger)
Beau Ouimette (.
12:15 21 Dec 21
I had a flat tire when I was delivering a load around 2 miles far from this place. Searched on internet and this place showed up. They did a great job. Very friendly and honest people. Fast service. God bless them.
Gurcharan Singh
Gurcharan S.
16:37 16 Dec 21
Great promt service and reasonable price for large vehicles
Arthur White
Arthur W.
23:42 04 Dec 21
Great tire place and front end alignment center for big rigs. Frank is one of the best when it comes to front end work on your rig.
Mike Driver
Mike D.
23:05 04 Dec 21
Loved all of the staff. They worked quickly, got me in the next day and it took no time to complete the work. Everyone is reliable and easy to work with- very trustworthy people! Shout out to Andrew the service manager! He's was so nice and happy to accommodate/ answer any questions. Very sweet guy!
Lane Sheehan
Lane S.
14:50 04 Dec 21
Friendly service. Realitivly short wait time. Support local business.
1 2 3 4 GO
1 2 3 4 G.
00:57 02 Dec 21
Great professional service.
albert karapetyan
albert K.
12:47 30 Nov 21
Fast and friendly! Just the way everyone should like it 🙂
Corey Clark
Corey C.
11:26 29 Nov 21
Excellent service and I highly recommend using them.
William Holmes
William H.
17:04 21 Nov 21


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