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00:57 02 Dec 21
Friendly service. Realitivly short wait time. Support local business.
albert karapetyan
albert K.
12:47 30 Nov 21
Great professional service.
Corey Clark
Corey C.
11:26 29 Nov 21
Fast and friendly! Just the way everyone should like it 🙂
William Holmes
William H.
17:04 21 Nov 21
Excellent service and I highly recommend using them.
Susan Miller
Susan M.
21:08 17 Nov 21
I would highly recommend Rice Tire . We had a flat tire on our trailer on the interstate and they were able to help get us back on the road. They were very professional and friendly. If I was local to them I would be a regular customer. A plus business.
Randolph Winns
Randolph W.
22:26 14 Nov 21
I purchased four tires.
ERICA Kesner
22:33 12 Nov 21
Great Service, friendly staff, and great products
Tim Lafferty
Tim L.
09:42 12 Nov 21
The folks at Rice Tire know their business, very knowledgeable and friendly and they have access to the items you need.
Jennifer Benitez
Jennifer B.
00:52 12 Nov 21
I had a great experience at Rice Tire! Would definitely recommend on giving them a visit. I’m coming again soon for my brothers car!!!
23:07 06 Nov 21
Great and honest service at a reasonable price. My new go to for mechanic and tire needs.
Brian Diehl
Brian D.
14:18 29 Oct 21
Punctured 2 tires on a Tuesday afternoon @ 3 pm had to put the spare on 1 made it home and plugged them. You don't just stop and bye 4, 275-45-21 tires called the next day and ordered them by noon on Thursday they were on the Explorer. It's always a pleasure, quick & easy.
Jim Spencer
Jim S.
13:39 29 Oct 21
Pulled in with a low air indication on my rv tpms. Was told no problem and got me in right away. Leaky valve stem was the problem. Installed a new one and away we went. Great job.
Jim Piateski
Jim P.
13:02 29 Oct 21
Needed a tire patch. Walked in and out in 45 minutes with no appointment.Needed to go back a couple days later because the tire wasn't balanced. They took care of it in 30 minutes.
Kim Blackmon
Kim B.
21:57 28 Oct 21
Wonderful people, great prices and great service
Timothy Norris
Timothy N.
02:21 27 Oct 21
Excellent service!!! Was a stellar experience for tires, alignment, and suspension work. I have been going to this location for over 20 years, and have always been pleased. Recommend!!!
Mary Mckee
Mary M.
01:35 27 Oct 21
Very pleasing experience. Had my car at many auto service companies. No one told me that my tires were worn and dangerous until I had my oil changed recently. I am a widow. My husband always took care of the car. I asked for an alignment which took awhile but well worth the wait. Car drove like a new car !My thanks to Rice. I highly recommend.
Wanda Shird
Wanda S.
00:24 27 Oct 21
I was referred by a wonderful friend and I was not disappointed. They were friendly, professional and efficient. I will be Back!!! Thank you Rice Ties!!
Paula Norris
Paula N.
23:34 26 Oct 21
ALWAYS there for my auto and trailer need's in a fast professional manner. Many thanks to Andy and all the guys for years of help.
Chris Gant
Chris G.
22:54 26 Oct 21
I brought my travel trailer to Rice Tire to get inspected. The employees behind the counter were very pleasant. I will continue to take my travel trailer to them to get inspected.
Martha Villavicencio
Martha V.
21:45 26 Oct 21
Great customer service front and back. 👏
Jim Endress
Jim E.
21:42 26 Oct 21
Great guys and incredible service got me fixed up and back on the road. I'd recommend them 100 percent
Ken Bozick
Ken B.
21:40 26 Oct 21
Outstanding service at a fair price!! These guys went above and beyond to make sure our RV was safe to travel. Highly recommended!!!
hnh 410
hnh 4.
21:38 26 Oct 21
Great service would highly recommend.
Tom Kidd
Tom K.
15:14 26 Oct 21
Always a great 👍 experience.
Chico Joshi
Chico J.
11:18 21 Oct 21
Very impressed with Rice Tire (Halethorpe location). I needed truck tires and called them to see if they had my size in stock which they did. I stopped by a few hours later, they got me in immediately and I was out of there within an hour. Great customer service, these guys are pros. Will use them again for all our tire needs.
12:08 12 Oct 21
Good service, but the prices have gone up since my last alignment.
Steven Doubleyou
Steven D.
22:56 11 Oct 21
Always great and professional service.
Katharine Puckett
Katharine P.
23:55 06 Oct 21
I took in my newly purchased used car for a tire losing air overnight. I told the gentlemen that I didn't know if I would need all new tires since I didn't know how many miles were on them. I was prepared for a big bill. Imagine my joy when I was told it was a nail in the tire and they fixed it. AND I was told the other tires had lots of tread left on them, and didn't need replacing!! They were so very honest when they could have replaced all my tires and I wouldn't have questioned the big bill. That honesty on their part has made me a customer for life!
James Groce
James G.
19:23 04 Oct 21
Got me rolling again in a hour 3 tralior tires
Thomas Antrim
Thomas A.
00:44 30 Sep 21
Fast service very polite and reasonable prices.
Karyn Peters-Beaty
Karyn P.
01:51 28 Sep 21
The wait time for an rv safety inspection was quite long... 1 1/2 hours but the service was great.
Jason Williams
Jason W.
15:00 27 Sep 21
Top notch knowledge and quick service. Love these guys down there, always getting the work done to satisfaction.
M Brown
M B.
14:05 27 Sep 21
I visited Rice Tire to get tires for my travel trailer. They had the tires I needed in stock and had them installed in less than an hour. The staff was very helpful and friendly.
Alexander Walden
Alexander W.
22:51 26 Sep 21
Outstanding Team! Respectfully with swift service. Very professional!
Keith Petteys
Keith P.
15:53 26 Sep 21
Was on an across country trip in my RV. Had a wheel bearing problem Called Rice Made an appointment for 7:00 AM the next day. Was told that I would be out by 5:00PM.Was there at 7:00AM. They did there diagnostics.Gave me a quote and said I would be out at 5:00 PM. I needed two front wheel bearings and two tires. Was out at 5:30 PM. Auto parts supplier provided the incorrect bearings.Cost came in below quote.I was in a difficult situation. l had called several offer options. Either they were too busy or my RV was too large.Rice came through for me. My experience good not have better thanks to Rice!
Van Baggett
Van B.
14:10 26 Sep 21
Very friendly and professional. Will go again!
Abdul Hussain
Abdul H.
13:30 26 Sep 21
Wonderful prompt and professional service. Very satisfied.
Mike Fontanazza
Mike F.
19:46 25 Sep 21
Good service and staff. Parking lot was packed full. Good selection of tires otherwise. Recommended
Logan McCombs
Logan M.
16:57 25 Sep 21
Has RV tires that I needed at a great price.
Karen Knight
Karen K.
22:02 24 Sep 21
I had tire issues with two cars. My suv had a nail in a tire. They removed the nail and my tire was ok. They checked all my tires and put air in them and didn’t charge me. I live very close to them. I brought my small back and they replaced the tire that blew out. The guys were so nice and professional. Very reasonable prices I got both cars done under like an hour fifteen a very clean waiting room I will definitely use their services again